Profile International

About Profile International

Profile International is an established consulting firm with more than two decades of experience operating across the African continent. Over this period we have developed an unrivalled track record in assisting our clients to establish operations and significantly grow their businesses in target regions. Through our local knowledge and expansive network of trusted associates, we are able to provide our clients with an unprecedented degree of insight and local support, culminating in the development of unique opportunities and strategic alliances. Our clients range from SMEs to listed companies and large multinationals working across a variety of industries.

Profile International has several significant advantages that make us unique and which are deployed for the benefit of our clients. Firstly our professional network is comprised of close peer and working relationships with highly respected organisations, and high-level decision makers, in the public and private sector. This provides us with line-of-sight of developing business opportunities as well as the ability to create mutually supportive relationships between local and international actors when required. Secondly our detailed understanding of what it takes to do business in different industries and different countries enables us to identify (and at times create) specific opportunities for our clients as well as develop access strategies that are most likely to result in success. We also take pride in the fact that the structure of our company, and our innovative approach, allows for a greater degree of flexibility that suites the specific nature of our client’s business requirements. This has been a key feature in our ability to develop markets for our clients and partners.

While the company has a broad knowledge of, and operational experience in, numerous countries across Africa, East Africa has become an increased locus of interest over the past few years. This is as a result of the unprecedented levels of economic growth, stability and steadily improving standards of governance which truly serve to set the region apart as a hub for long term investment and new opportunities. Kenya in particular serves as a key strategic location for us and many of our clients given its status as a gateway to rest of the region and its high levels of economic growth. Kenya’s position allows for companies to develop a flourishing operation within the country that can then be used as a springboard into the rest of East Africa. Profile International has had a great deal of success in mapping and executing this strategy for our clients.

Bradley Mc Fadden


Originally from Northern Ireland, Bradley Mc Fadden has lived in Africa for almost 30 years. Although currently based in South Africa Bradley spent much of this time based in several different African nations serving as an adviser to several of the continents highest profile business people and political leaders. As founder and director of Profile International, Bradley has developed an unrivaled network of trusted associates and strategic partners across Africa. This network provides us with unique insights into market trends and opportunities and connects us to key decision makers in government and the private sector and can be effectively leveraged for the benefit of our clients. Our knowledge network represents a unique resource which has built up over many years as a result of Bradley’s role serving as a Special Adviser to political leaders and some of the continent’s most prominent business figures. In addition Bradley also served as adviser to the COMESA Bank for several years, whose board is composed of 20 Finance Ministers represent member states within the COMESA (Common Market for East and Southern Africa) region.

Byron Mc Fadden


Byron Mc Fadden is a recent addition to Profile International and has taken on a series of roles for the company. His primary responsibilities include conducting extended research into market and industry trends on behalf of clients as well as Profile International, providing strategic input, coordinating business trips as well as managing relationships on behalf of clients and Profile International. Byron previously served as a consultant and the head of research for a reputable consulting firm with offices in Southern and East Africa, Europe, the USA and Australia. After his first year at the company he was made the primary consultant for the company’s largest client – which at the time was also South Africa’s largest financial services company. The contract entailed developing and executing an innovation change management programme across the organisation.

Byron graduated with distinction from Rhodes University with a joint Honours degree in History and Political Science, was on the Dean’s List and received university colours for academic merit. He was also one year short of Majoring in Mandarin Chinese which also served as his 2nd language in high school. As a result of his experience Byron was selected to represent Rhodes University in China as part of a Chinese government sponsored learning programme for top achievers in Mandarin language studies.

In addition to his academic and work experience Byron has had multiple appearances on a local South African radio station as a commentator for Chinese affairs – especially relating to China’s role in Africa. He is also assisting in the publication of a book detailing the state of Further Education and Training in South Africa for which he will be co-credited upon the books release.

Ashanti Wandia


Ashanti Wandia has many years of experience working in the media industry and is a highly successful and well connected international model and actress. Born in Nyeri province in Kenya Ashanti is also a respected regional role model. She holds a degree in psychology and is increasingly active in developmental and NGO projects.